Dear Friends,

My name is Dr. Ivan Khan.

I founded Khan Foundation NYC in 2014 to decrease disparities in education & leadership opportunities that many low-income students & young women face.

Having previous experience in education working with low-income youth and young women, I witnessed extremely competitive high school graduates get refused from top-notch universities due to countless external factors that were out of their control.

In addition to these obstacles, often times I would be saddened to see some classrooms predominantly filled with boys, while their sisters weren’t offered the same experience by their own families due to various cultural reasons. Young women are outnumbering young men in most graduate & professional schools in the U.S. today, and I wanted ensure that trend continues across all socio-economic levels & new immigrant communities as well.

The final area that I wanted to be sure that we focused on at Khan Foundation was the career readiness of today’s college students & graduates. Many of Khan Foundation Scholars will become young professionals upon their graduation from undergrad. I want to create a community of established professionals that are willing to help those after them achieve the same career & life success, or more.

Perhaps as a first time father to a baby girl, the reason was lucid; it is our obligation to create opportunities for the children of our future. Through Khan Foundation, I hope that you share our vision for social equality through higher education, mentorship, and a commitment to professional development for tomorrow’s stars. Here’s to your work. Here’s to our communities.

Thank you.



Ivan Khan