Khan Foundation NYC believes mentorship can mean the difference between a student’s short-term achievement and their long-term success. Countless examples of individuals from CEOs, entrepreneurs, heads of state and world leaders, to even doctors, teachers, artists, and activists can all offer stories of success and triumph due to assistance from their mentors. For many young people, finding a job, building a resume, and establishing a professional presence can be challenging. However having a mentor to help navigate the process can make a world of difference.

Khan Foundation understands that mentors can provide additional assistance and support to students outside of the home and classroom. As a result, the Khan Foundation Career Readiness Program was created in response to an ongoing need for further assistance and guidance for college students and young professionals looking to build dynamic careers and forge strong relationships within the professional arena.

The Khan Foundation Career Readiness Program will work closely with a group of college students and young professionals to help them find, apply, and secure internships, fellowships, and jobs that are specific to them. The Khan Foundation Team will provide education, tools and resources for students: to learn to research work opportunities, sufficiently apply and submit compelling applications, resumes and cover letters for job placement, establish a professional social media presence, and practice interview and networking skills as well as learn how to negotiate salary and make important work connections all of which will help them successfully obtain employment opportunities.

The Khan Foundation Career Readiness Program will also provide participants with assistance in securing a career opportunity through the Khan Professional Network of seasoned professionals who serve as mentors, career advisors, and potential employers. We will work with participants to educate them on strategies to effectively gain competitive salaries and selective employment opportunities. Through our series of workshops and individualized counseling, the Career Readiness Program seeks to assist participants with the entire professional development and career advancement process.

The list of provided workshops is as follows:

  • Exploring Diverse Career Opportunities
  • Building Blocks: Resume Building
  • Cover Letter Development
  • Furthering Interview Skills
  • Curating Your Social Media Presence
  • Navigating Networking Forums
  • Negotiating Salary