Khan Foundation Spring Celebration 2018

This year's KF Spring Celebration will work to bring together the people that make Khan Foundation's programs possible. Join us as we celebrate the success of our students and our programs.

All proceeds raised will be used to support Khan Foundation’s programs.

Our Vision

Khan Foundation strives to enrich the lives of all low-income high school students and rising professionals, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration status.

Our Mission

Khan Foundation empowers low-income students by increasing college access through activity-based learning, leadership development opportunities, and mentorship programs. 


Khan Foundation would like to thank award-winning documentary filmmaker, Bryon Hurt, for accepting our invitation to our Fundraiser and agreeing to be 2016 Annual Leadership Award Honoree. We appreciate Mr. Hurt's generosity of spirit and time. We acknowledge his achievements in film and community and we wish him all the best for 2017. 

Our Programs

College Access Program

A 10-month program that aims to help low-income and undocumented students find, apply to, and enroll in competitive colleges around the U.S. while helping them secure scholarships.